Friday, October 31 (night)

Happy Halloween! Boooo Boooo Boooo!!!


Friday, October 31

So much to do, so little time. Time to go to bed.


Thursday, October 30

Long day at work! 

My BBlog has become a tech forum.

The WEFT III is working!!! The Edwardian Script typeface is finally showing in our web site. After all this trouble I'm not sure I really like how it looks;  I think it's a little too busy for some of the things I want to do. But something is not right,  I think I embedded too many fonts, including some regular  system fonts . I am having problems with some of the titles, some of the ones created in "Georgia" font are not showing. 

I'll repeat the WEFT 3 embedding process, but I will only select Edwardian Script  this time.

My wireless network connection is finally working, it stays on all the time. I called Verizon and they called Linksys, they were able to figured out the problem.


Wednesday, October 29

Tech support is not what it used to be. I called hoping to find out why my new typeface - Edwardian Script - was not showing in my web site. After almost 45 minutes on the phone, a representative, and a supervisor - I was left with the impression that buying this typeface  for web designing purposes was not such good idea.

I find out - thru my online friend Kristin S. that: "HTML text reads the type of font available on a person's system/computer, therefore the person viewing the web page will need to have Edwardian Script on their computer for the font to show up". An option will be to create jpg or gif graphics with and use that instead.

Kristin, thanks for all your help on this; you were more helpful than the people from

I talked to one of my colleagues - a smart kid name Frank - he ran a Google search and found WEFT III: "Web Embedding Fonts Tool". I decided to installed WEFT 3. My first big mistake was to update my web site directly - rather than working on a backup copy first - thank God for old backup copies. The WEFT 3 wizard it's very cool and easy to use, but I should pay more attention to the different options. Anyways, it's all set - the fonts have been embedded, we'll see tomorrow if this works; since I have the new typeface installed at home, I can't tell from here if the embedding process is working.

More Internet issues! At least the Verizon representative was really knowledgeable and successfully guided us to re-setup our wireless network connection; 4 hours without Internet access it's way too much.

Now if only I could keep the wireless connection on all the time; it keeps dropping. Oh well, I guess I will be calling Verizon again tomorrow.


Thursday, October 23

I bought the most beautiful typeface from Edwardian

Script - and it was so easy to install.

All my Internet connection problems have disappeared. I even added a new page to our web site "The wedding party".


Wednesday, October 22

1, 2, 3 testing. What is going on with my internet connection?

I'll try to publish this page one more time.


Tuesday, October 21

There is so much to learn about all this web stuff. I just fixed what it would have been a major design glitch on my BBLog page. I should definitely sign for some classes. Oh well, maybe after the wedding.

Have you seen the web site that inspired all this web log stuff? Check out Magnificent Bliss. Kristin S. has done a fantastic job. I absolutely love her web site. Her Pre-Wedding Site also inspired our own wedding web site "Bianca & Darren".


Sunday, October 19


Sometimes, I just can't understand what is going on at  The Knot chat rooms.


Friday, October 17

I can't believe the Red Sox did not advance to the World Series! I really thought they were going to make it this time. They played so well - up until the 8th inning. As much as I love Pedro, I wish he would have stepped out before those 3 runs.

Time to go to sleep, it's 1:45 AM.


Wednesday, October 15

Finally, the log page is ready!


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