Sunday, November 30


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was nice to visit DB's family. It's always good to see everyone and spend time with the kids.

DB's nephew - D. E. - has changed so much since our last visit (4th of July). He speaks using full sentences now, but he has also discovered the word "No". He answers "No" to pretty much everything you ask him. He is so adorable and repeats everything he hears.  I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I need to work on his Bio; he will be the ring bearer at our wedding.

D. E.'s bigger sister M. is doing really well in school, she got very good grades. She was also on the  newspaper this past week, she was on the first page of the "Community" section of the "Home News Tribune". There was a big picture of her with some of her classmates in the background; the article was about team work, exercises that teach kids how to work together. You can read all about M. on the "Wedding Party" page. Now, I only need to select a picture of her. M. will be one of our two flower girls at our wedding.

On Saturday, DB's family surprised me with another bridal shower, this one was ladies only and it was a complete surprise. We planned to take DB's mom to the movie theater and then get some dinner afterwards, but they had other plans. I had a wonderful time; DB's mom "N." and his step-mom "K." did a great job, they made all kinds of little sandwiches, salads and appetizers - it was like a tea party without the tea (although we had tea later on, after all the ladies left). Everything looked so nice, they had a fruit basket from edible arrangements, a big cake and a lovely flower arrangement (the flowers looked a lot like the ones on the bridal shower invitation). You can read more about my NJ Surprised shower on the BBWeddingLog.


Wednesday, November 26

So far, this has been a wonderful week - my friends from work organized a fabulous bridal shower for both Darren and I. You will be able to read more about the shower on my Wedding Journal (BBWeddingLog).

It is nice to have the day off to organize things, run some of my many-many errands and get ready for our trip tomorrow.

We are heading out of state to visit DB's family, we will be spending Thanksgiving with them. I can't wait. Need to watch the scale while we are there... he he he.

In a different tone, we learned how to prepare pizza on the grill last Sunday; our friends L. & B.G. came over for dinner and they showed us how to make it. We bought the dough and all the ingredients (mushrooms, green & red peppers, mozzarella , pepperoni, tomatoes, etc.) - I could not  believe how easy it was. We still have so many ingredients at home that we are making more tonight - uhm uhm - I can't wait. The pizza delivery business have lost 2 valuable customers, except of course for California Pizza Kitchen that makes the "Carne Asada" pizza - which is my favorite.

Update: Notes to myself (November 19)

Prepare dinner menu for Sunday

Clean and organize apartment

File old papers and pay bills

Do Laundry

Call birthday girls (I still haven't spoken with Anam)

Now, I'm going to make some breakfast and then I will be in my way to the post office. There are so many packages that I should have mailed many-many weeks ago.

Oh well, I keep telling myself that it is never too late.

Happy Thanksgiving every one!


Sunday, November 22

I read this article yesterday and what a remarkable story this was.

Sad nonetheless, there is not joy on hearing that a 13 year old surfer girl was attacked by a shark. The victim battled for her life and ended up losing her left arm, but the dignity and serenity she has displayed throughout this ordeal is admirable and remarkable.

Her words are still in my mind: "there's no time machine, I can't change it. That was God's plan for my life and I'm going to go with it."


Friday, November 21

I can't believe what happened in Istanbul yesterday morning. The bombs were just a few blocks away from the hotel where we stayed 2 years ago.

We visited Turkey on September 2001, just a few weeks after September 11. Back then, we discovered the charm of this beautiful country: the people, the food, the culture, the ancient ruins, their crafts, and everything that made this country and its culture unique and beautiful. I remember how safe we felt and what a wonderful time we had. People will now be afraid to travel there - which is so sad, there is so much to see there - it is one of those places with so many wonderful things to do and see - that you will have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

There is just a group of backward people that wants the rest of the world to be afraid - to the point that we wouldn't feel safe even in our own homes.

We should not let that happen! Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies terrorism - and it should be fought to the point of extinction.


Thursday, November 20

Today is a very special day, my little sister D. B. N. and a my friend A.M.P are both celebrating their birthday!



  ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Daya!

Happy Birthday Daya!


  ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Anam!

Happy Birthday Anam!


Wednesday, November 19


Good day at work, but it feels good to be home!

I need to stop publishing the BBLog after midnight. I keep finding so many different errors the morning after. Well, I have no excuses tomorrow - I am logging off early today since it is my turn to make dinner! Oh boy!

Notes to myself

Prepare dinner menu for Sunday

Clean and organize apartment

File old papers and pay bills

Do Laundry

Call birthday girls


Tuesday, November 18

Yesterday was our  third year anniversary, this was the perfect day to do nothing - and just hang out. I forgot how good the 3-minutes-backed pasta dish tasted like.

After so much struggling to have our Guest Book up and running,  I came across a very interesting site "". Now, I need to find out what is it all about. The journey continues.


Sunday, November 16

We made it back to the movie theaters after such long time. We always find time to go to the movie when our friend D. T. is in town. We saw "Master and Commander", a very good movie. Although, I'm not sure I like the ending. A must see - nonetheless.

There are very interesting movies coming soon, one preview that caught my eye was "Pay Check", the story is by the same author the wrote "Minority Report".

On Saturday we got together with some friends for dinner, afterwards we visited a fantastic house that is located in the middle of the city. I absolutely loved it; how wonderful to have your own private entrance, a foyer free of clutter and undesirable objects. What a beautiful house! It has many different rooms and entertaining areas, every single one so tastefully decorated & organized. Not to mention how nice the owners are, they are friends of friends.


Thursday, November 13

Cleaning time! I have to go.


Wednesday, November 12

What a busy week! The day is just not long enough.

Some sad news: I just found out that one of my old time favorite Latin actors has passed away - Eduardo Palomo. He was only 41 years old and died of a heart attack. 

I am not a big fan of soap operas, but there was this one that I watched from beginning to end "Corazón Salvaje" ("Wild Heart" or "Wild at Heart").  Eduardo Palomo played the main character "Juan del Diablo" and he was absolutely brilliant!

I became his silent fan after watching "Corazón Salvaje".


Sunday, November 9

Where did the weekend go?

DB has made great progress with our Guest Book, it was even up for a few hours today, but we need to find a better way to display the messages. At least all the basic coding is done. Thanks to and dear DB. I hope we can have everything done this week. The guest book and our photos are the last pieces of the puzzle.

In another tone, someone was leaving funny messages in our guest book right in the middle of our tests; I don't mind the messages at all, but they used our names instead of identify themselves - that I don't like. We'll see, it is kind of late to put a password on the Guest Book, but I we will - if we have to.

I found a couple of interesting web log pages today. I can't believe there are so many online journals out there. I have to compile a list of all my favorites, but only after I make a full list of all the current Dominican baseball players that are playing in the Major Leagues.

I saw the 20/20 interview to Martha Stewart by Barbara Walters on Friday, very interesting. So many people don't know that she has not been charged with Insider Trading, but rather with charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, obstruction of justice, and making false statements. I like reading the "Setting the record straight" section on her new web site Martha Talks. I hope she can prove her innocence. 


Friday, November 7 

I have so much to do that I just don't know where to start. Let's see, perhaps I should start for going to be and then decide in the morning what to do. I think a few days off to catch up with everything will be nice.

Oh well, the weekend will have to do.

In another tone, I have the most beautiful and delicate flowers at the office (4 beautiful red roses, yellow tiny orchids, beautiful big green leaves on a nice tiny green pot - the leave are actually changing color). My mom sent them to me. When I saw them for the first time on Tuesday night, they reminded me of the first roses DB ever gave me - almost 3 years ago. Since I had white flowers at home, I brought the ones my mom sent me the office, but after work I will bring them back home. Funny, all my flowers this week are from my favorite flower shop Winston Flowers.


Wednesday, November 5

My embedded Edwardian Script font (typeface) has disappeared once again. I'm trying to figure out what did I do this time. This is frustrating! I don't think I will be using this font a lot. Let me run the embedding process once again.

What a great dinner we had last night. Our friends J. & T. took us to Cafe Bella - a fantastic little restaurant in Randolph. This place is always packed - even on a Tuesday. I guess you have to go and try the food to understand why!

Can't wait to see the next episode of Small Ville.

I have the feeling that Lana will finally give up on Clark - and then he'll have a change of heart and will try to get her back. 


Monday, November 3

In just one day - my street is totally covered with leaves; all the trees have completely changed colors.

A new season is just around the corner.


Sunday, November 2

What a weekend!

On Saturday, for brunch: Cheese Soufflé, bacon and Café con leche (2/3 hot milk and 1/3 Dominican coffee). Calls from family and friends; white flowers, and thoughtful gifts from the most special person in the world. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Today the celebration continues: steam lobster, potatoes Anna, rice pilaf, broccolini, white wine and pound cake all of it from my own personal chef - right at home. It just doesn't get any better than this, I think I have said that before, haven't I.

A great selection of movies on cable this weekend, love the movie "The Rookie" - I absolutely love it.

We just planted all the bulbs for the spring. In our small private garden: a big variety of tulips, crocuses, daffodils, irises and a 2 pink peonies. On the front garden: more than 120 tulips, a bunch of crocuses, irises and daffodils. 


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