Friday, January 30, 2004 

People keep asking me about wedding pictures, so as we go thru our digital photos and classify them, re-size them, re-sort them etc. etc. etc. - I've decided to give you a little preview; hint, hint - place the cursor on top of  the picture. Have a good weekend everyone! 


Photos by our friend Yanet Pea - Canon PowerShot G2



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Monday, January 26, 2004 

I couldn't resist to post the message below; it was part of an e-mail conversation between two friends that attended our wedding celebration last week. I laughed so much when I got the e-mail that I asked for their consent to post it here. They've agreed; so - see below part of their conversation:

Back to Normal Life

Tales from a married woman (mother & wife) traveling by herself for the very first time.

The 1.5 Hr delay at Santo Domingo caused me to miss my connecting flight from Newark to Boston. I had to sleep at the Ramada Inn Monday Night. I arrived Tuesday 7:30 AM at Logan. The change of climate was not good for me. I took a SICK Day on Friday. I could barely talk.
My baby girl was walking around saying "I have no Mama.". Now she won't let me out of her sight! My son handled it better than I expected! He just told me that the next time I should be "more specific".

In another tone, this afternoon I found out that one of my co-workers got engaged a few days before Christmas. I spent a good amount of time talking to him about our wedding celebration and the "wedding planning " process. I think I gave him too many details :-).

I'm still overload with wedding joy.

It's official - our honeymoon has been delayed for a little more than what we anticipated. DB just got a new contract and he needs to start right away. I have to admit that I wanted to go away within the next 2-3 weeks, it's just too cold here. I was ready for even a month delay, but three months - oh boy! I am really happy about DB's new project and really grateful he got a new contract so fast. Our delayed honeymoon is just one more thing to look forward to.


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Sunday, January 25, 2004 


We just came back from the "36th Anniversary Lunar New Year Celebration" (4702 year of the Monkey) - it was great! It was like being on a Chinese Wedding, the food just kept on coming; It was delicious. They also had very interesting performances; my favorites were: the turning of the plates (a young girl danced around while holding sticks with 8 turning plates) and the Filipino folk dances (specifically the one with the bamboo sticks). The event was organized by the Asian American Civic Association to benefit their "Building opportunities' Capital Campaign" - our friend L. is the director.

We were seating at a great table thanks to L. and C. that coordinated everything for us and the people at our table. We really liked spending time with our friends L., J., S., and B.; we also got to see and spend some time with A. (L.'s husband). At the end of the night we even had a chat with him; he's such interesting guy, both DB and I really enjoyed his company and our conversation. In the way out, we got to talk to L. for a little bit, she's still talking about the great time her and A. had at our wedding and in the Dominican Republic; I have to admit that I enjoy hearing that.


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Thursday, January 22, 2004 

I miss the Caribbean weather, I can't get over how cold it's around here. I need to go out and have my hair done, get a manicure & a pedicure, but the weather is keeping me inside the apartment.

In the mean time we are both back to work and to our daily lives. DH (as they say in theknot "dear husband") has been sorting and organizing wedding and shower gifts; this weekend is "thank-you card" weekend. We have so many people to thank, so many. It should be fun.

People at work keep asking me about the wedding. Since I took 2 days off, they have heard a lot from G. and L. (they came back from the DR on Monday and went to back work on Tuesday. They are surprise with the fact that I can remember so many details about the wedding: the huge cake, the flowers, the buffet big flower arrangement (which was huge and beautiful - almost magical), the music at the ceremony and at the reception (specific songs that they played - and that are still in my mind), the food, the drinks, just about everything. I just had such good time.

In the other hand, I also started hearing stories of things that when on at the very same time we were getting married, things such as: construction noise going on not far from the ceremony site (these was stop in time, after some guests talked to one of the hotel managers in the area) - also a frustrated male tourist on skimpy swimsuit (if you know what I mean) that yelled - "don't do it, you will regret it" - in the middle of the event; apparently the individual was removed from the beach by the security guards, or he walked away as he saw the hotel security guards going towards him. I could not believe it, I didn't notice anything. Then G. and L. asked me: "didn't you notice the hundreds of people from the hotel that gathered around the site (in balconies, on the beach and all around) watching your wedding; they took photos and videotaped your wedding. You and Darren must be now in a bunch of home videos around Canada and Europe, you had a bunch of Paparazzis" (Dominican tourism is mostly from Europe and Canada) - and I said not, I was only looking at my husband to be (now my husband) as I walked down the aisle. The aisle was a nice long red carpet placed on the sand that marked the way to the altar. The altar was covered by a nice white tent and it was made of: a Persian rug, a beautiful glass table with a nice mantilla, the bibles (one in Spanish and my own in English) and flowers.

Now, at the reception I do remember this old guy following us around filming us; at one point he was in between us and our photographer - our photographer (David) keep asking me: "who is he, is he a guest?" and I keep saying "I don't know him, he's not one of our guests" - we called them the clueless/crazy paparazzi.

My mom has called me every single day since I came back, she called me at work today, she keeps saying "I'm just waking up from the wonderful dream that was your wedding; what a wonderful & magical time". Then she goes on - talking about how I have been blessed; how both of us have been blessed, because we were able to have such wonderful party. My mom said today "you have been blessed and I know your marriage will last forever, because you found the person that God had in mind for you; I prayed for you to find love and happiness and you have found it". Yes, she almost make me cry. Then I asked my mom about what she did with the alcohol that we had left, I could not believe people drank so little and then my mom said: "that is another blessing, you had so much and you did not lack of anything. God blessed you with abundance of things: food, drinks, beautiful flowers, wonderful people (many friends), good weather and even a little bit of rain; that means blessings you know. You have been blessed" - she keeps saying and you know what - I believe her. 

In another happy tone, we will attend a dinner on Sunday -  for a charity event and we'll get to see a few friends that attended our wedding celebration; it will be nice.

It's time for me to sign off now, thank you all for the nice comments you have left on my corner. It's so nice to come back to my page and find yet another sweet message.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 

We are back!

The wedding was wonderful, we had such good time. The ceremony was beautiful and somewhat funny :-D. I can't wait to see the video of the ceremony and the reception. As I walked towards my future husband - all I could see was his eyes, I could not see anything or anyone else. So I am so glad we have a video.

When we were declared husband and wife the quartet started playing "I have a new love, Jesus" one of my new favorite Christian songs. I remember telling the band director  (that also directed the quartet)  that among all the songs he had on his list for the ceremony - that one was my favorite; he played it just at the right moment. It was lovely.

At the reception, the band played my favorite Merengue song of all times "Amor de Conuco" - right after our proposal song "come away with me". The band we hired "Leo Suvervi & orquesta" played Amor de Conuco so well - that I just could not believe my ears; they played it at a faster tempo than the original version, per our request. Amor de Conuno is originally from Juan Luis Guerra & 440 and it is featured on their 1987 album "Mientras ms lo pienso t" - another song played by our band. It was just right; I can't get over the quality of the band, their sound and their voices, I keep hearing the song in my head (click on the Amor de Conuco link and select audio to listen to the first part of this wonderful song). I hope the video captured this song from beginning to end. We danced, and danced and danced - and then - we danced some more.

We had a bit of rain right after the ceremony, every one said that it was good luck and blessings, then it  started pouring down (we had to move one table) but in less than 15 minutes it all stopped for good! I am glad we had tents for the buffet, the cake and part of the reception site that was not covered.

The food was excellent and everybody was just so happy. Darren and I had such lovely time. I almost feel as if  I neglected my aunts and uncles a little bit, because I have to admit that my undivided attention was fixed on Darren at all times. The two of us greeted our guests before the rain started (right after the ceremony) and then we went table by table taking pictures of everyone and exchanging a few words.

What a blissful day! What a wonderful party we had, I know I should not be the one saying this, but I just had so much fun. I wish the day wouldn't have ended.


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Wednesday, January 7, 2004 

In 16 more hours we will be in the Dominican Republic.

I am ready for a little bit of summer in the middle of this New England winter - that is getting colder and colder by the hour.

We will be running around running errands for the next 5 days, but after that we hope to be able to enjoy and relax! I am looking forward to my wedding day and to see all the wonderful people that will be coming away with us. 

Come back in a few weeks and I will post updates related to our Caribbean vacation and our wedding celebration. We are hoping to have a safe and enjoyable trip and a magical and fun wedding celebration.

I am ready for the biggest party of my life!


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Monday, January 5, 2004  

After such good and productive day a post is in order!

If tomorrow we have another day like today, we will be all set by the end of the day, which will be wonderful. So, on Wednesday we could just focus on packing, a little bit of pampering and a hopefully relaxation.   

I've been humming and singing a song all day, it's a very old Spanish (Mexican) song that was featured on the movie Frida (starting Salma Hayek) - the name of the song is "La Llorona" (the weeping woman). I was surprised with the quality of this movie (great story and acting) and the music was fantastic, most of it was composed by Elliot Goldenthal. I couldn't catch the whole movie and now I can't wait to see it in full (it's playing in cable right now), but I might have to wait until after our wedding. After watching a little bit of the life of Frida Kahlo, I started to understand from where the inspiration of some of her paintings came from.


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Sunday, January 4, 2004   

I wish I had the next two days off, but I have to work.

If only I wasn't feeling so tired, I want to get to work early tomorrow, so I can leave early. I'm in 100% wedding mode right now and I don't have time for anything else, but duty calls and I have to work tomorrow!

This has been a good weekend despite all the work. I got a lot of done on Saturday (I can't say the same about Friday, but that is life).

My friend S. and I have been calling each other for the last 3 days and we just keep missing each other! I call her and say " this is the cat calling the mouse" - her and her husband D. are the proud parents of a new baby girl: "D. J. C." was born on Christmas Day and I got to see some pictures of her last week, she is so cute (God bless her). I must say that S. and D. have a very powerful reason to miss our wedding :-D

I am so happy for them, and even happier for D. J. she is going to have such wonderful parents!

In another tone, it is possible that this will be my very last post, at least until we come back from our Destination Wedding! There is just so much to do and very little time (time, time, time, the best gift I could receive right now). Plus I don't use any of those fancy BLOG services - and I post my entries the old fashion way (thru front page). Hopefully in the near future I will be able to find a nice blog/log service (easy to use) that will allow me to post from anywhere in the world, but first I will take care of business (photo business). I took so many nice pictures of our Christmas tree and so many other wedding related stuff and I didn't get to publish any of them on time. Today we took the Christmas tree down. DB wrapped of all our little Christmas ornaments and placed the tree outside (in our tiny garden) until Tuesday morning (garbage day). We don't have any time to spare! Hey, at least I did get to post the Snickerdoodles recipe before the holidays were over.

Now - it's time to go back to wedding duties, but before:

 Happy Birthday Alex!

We will see you in a few days and then ~ off to celebrate!


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Friday, January 2, 2004 

* Happy New Year *

It's snowing today, we are only suppose to get one or two inches of snow, but I better go and move my car to the street, before I get stock on our tiny, tiny back alley. 

I'm still working on my New Year resolutions. I have so many things in mind, but I have to put my thoughts in order. There are so many things I want to do and that  I need to work on - and then, there are other things I'm asking God for (while I try do my part - if applicable).

As I look back on the path I've chosen, I can see how everything has happened a reason (except perhaps for one single thing that I still don't understand, I don't know if I ever will). So, today I am slowing down and I've decided to enjoy, enjoy myself and the last minute wedding and with all that enjoy all the wonderful things I have been blessed with: health, family, friends (close to me and far from me), a home, a good job and the opportunity to love and be loved by the most wonderful person in the world.

Now it's time to sing off and work on that New Year resolutions list. Happy Friday everyone!



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