A view from the couch...

Sunday, March 28, 2004 

A week has come and gone and as I start to recover from a very bad cold, let me share with you - a view from my couch:

Orchids and fire... a view from my couch - 03.25.2004

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Last Friday I spent most of the day in bed and the night before resting in our couch, hence the photos - here is another one:

Orchids close-up... a view from my couch - 03.25.2004

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I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday, once again. The weekend is just too short; this is how it went: experimenting with food (tortilla Espaρola), wonderful friends visiting (R. & N.), trying new sheets, new comforter and blankets - and for brunch: French toasts, champagne (with strawberries), then later on the most wonderful wine, have you try "Pineto" Brachetto D'Accqui? It's a wonderful Italian desert wine; we always have it at Caffe Umbra and we finally found it at a new wine store on Washington Street - thanks Charles; we got the last three bottles in the store - two more to go.


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Life is good...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 

I was going to write about the productive and fun weekend we had,  the tasks we completed and marked off our Mission Organization list, and in general all the things we did - such as:

• the wonderful dinner at Masa on Friday night (with our friends P. and F. great food, great wine and the most divine company, ohh boy we like them!)

• getting our computer armoire on Saturday (great piece of furniture, but perhaps a little too big for our place - now after 3 days, it doesn't look that big, but going forward we have really changed our whole approach in furniture in regards of both size and color)

• organizing and cleaning

• mailing all the packages and gifts I had at home (Kristin - finally you'll get mail this week, little Danielle will finally get her Valentine's Day gift, and all the babies that have been born since our wedding will also get a little something this week; how exiting, don't you think?)

• 75% of our thank-you cards mailed

• back to open houses (and finding another wonderful three-bedroom condo in the city, that we just can't afford, but that we absolutely love - fun, fun, fun - if only we had one million dollars to spare, what am I saying? what about half a million, in the mean time we might have found the right developer to renovate our place, we'll see)

• closing our Macy's Bridal registry on Sunday (ohh that was so much fun, the service was great! we felt as if we had a personal assistance, she helped us find and select the things we wanted, we got great discounts and wonderful ideas; I even ended up getting all the pieces for my dream white bed - we'll set it up during the summer time. This has been thus far the biggest shopping experience (shopping spree) of our lives, and I am not exaggerating. Ohh it ended up that the girl that help us only works at Macy's part time and her full time employer is also my employer, what small world - she was absolutely great!)

And you know what, the list continues - this was a good weekend, but as I sat down to write about all the details and all the things we did, then Norah Jones starts singing in the background and I can't help but feel overwhelmingly happy; her songs bring me back to the night I was proposed to, and then back to the night I got married - and back to many road trips to New Jersey where we played the CD over and over again, during our 5 hours ride.

I can't help to think that life is good, just good! Even Seven Years make me smile, and same thing with Lonestar, I have to really pay attention to the lyrics to notice that some of these songs are not really happy songs; they all sound so hopeful, beautiful and happy to me; they all have a similar effect to our proposal/wedding song come away with me, when I hear it I reminisce about the most wonderful time of my life (and the best is yet to come).

It is all possible just by having the right person by your side. Yes, life is good.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2004 

© celebrating our 2 months anniversary

• trying to figure out where to put our new computer cabinet (it will be here on Saturday)

• still overwhelmed about the amount of pending items on my to-do list

• trying to figure out what to do with all our wedding gifts

• still trying to catch up on thank-you cards

• trying to mail/send all the packages I have for friends and family.

• very exited about a new project I'm working on (at work)

• trying to get thru another refinance

• still addicted to eBay - and upset because I was outbid on a Julie Fillo painting that I really, really wanted. It all happened while I was away this weekend - and the worst part: I lost it by a dollar. I was really willing to pay a lot more for it than the final ending price. Totally my fault, I know I should have checked on Saturday, but I should know better - always start with your maximum/final bid

• now feeling guilty for playing fruit smash too much (way too much)

• really trying to go to bed early (so... good night)


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More pancakes...

Thursday, March 11, 2004 

I can't believe what happened this morning. I was on my way to work listening to Boston WBUR, when I heard the news about the bombs that shook the city of Madrid: about 190 people were killed and over 1200 were injured. You can click here for additional info.

While listening to the connection, I couldn't help to think that no one will be safe until all countries are united against terrorism - and all these against humanity groups are brought to justice.

Right now - I can't think of anything positive to say, hopefully tomorrow will be  a better day.

See below another photo from Sunday, this time blueberry pancakes and  yummy bacon.

Blueberry pancakes and bacon - 03.07.2004

 Canon PowerShot G2

I'm off to take some pictures of the paintings I won on eBay - I'll show them to you later.


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Downloading photos & fresh, fresh, fresh food...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 

I've been playing around with our camera and I have finally figured out how to download photos. Until today, DB was the one downloading and saving our digital photos, so I was always depending on him to get or find the photos in our shared laptop, but from no on I can work freely in our wedding, travel and day to day photos.

Below are some photos I took last Sunday. Our friends T. and J. came over for brunch, they were officially our first guests since DB and I got married. DB made his famous blueberry pancakes; J. said that DB's blueberry pancakes were his favorites from that moment on; to be honest they are always a success, DB is such great cook. I still can't decide between his blueberry pancakes or his new French toast recipe (the one that has a lot nutmeg).

In addition to DB's blueberry pancakes we also had eggs (sunny-side-up), bacon, fresh seasoned olives (from Bread & Circus), fresh grapes, fresh strawberries &  fresh blueberries, coffee (Dominican and American style/with hot milk and just black) and orange juice.

I also made an attempt to recreate the tomatoes and cucumber salad that we had in Turkey (during our 2001 trip). The salad came out OK, even though I did not have the secret Turkish ingredient that made it so special (it's not a big secret anymore, it's sumac - and unfortunately I ran out of it), instead - I just used olive oil,  fresh ground pepper & fresh ground sea salt.

Blueberry pancakes. Turkish tomatoes and cucumber salad - 03.07.2004

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I am...

Sunday, March 7, 2004 

• upset and sad about the outcome of the Martha Stewart trial

• in awe because of people's generosity

• often overwhelmed about the amount of pending items on my   to-do list (these aren't related to our Mission Organization list)

• feeling guilty for playing Tetris when I should have been selecting our photos and organizing/archiving our mail

• still addicted to eBay

• happy about the way our place looks this week

• really looking forward to our honeymoon trip


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A girl woman from the 21st Century

Friday, March 5, 2004 

One of the things I hate the most is going to the supermarket, I absolutely dislike doing grocery shopping. So, when we had our first big winter storm (many, many moons ago) we decided to explore the online grocery shopping world - and since then we've been loyal to PeaPod. So far the services has been great; they pick the best meat and vegetables for you and if you place your order before 11 PM you can have your groceries delivered the next day (any time - from 6 AM to 10 PM - just watch for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; weekends are very busy). In four deliveries they have only made one mistake: we got a raising-banana bread instead of whole wheat bread (same brand), but after a quick phone call to their 800 number they credited our account and we got to enjoy the banana bread for free (which I ended up liking). How did we live without this awesome service before, I have no idea. Now we only go to the specialty food store aka Bread & Circus if we have a party/gathering at home or if we are in need of high quality (mostly organic) vegetables and meats.

After I got married and started to adapt to the new neighborhood, dropping and picking up clothes at the dry-cleaners was always an issue. The nearest dependable-cleaners branch is right in Newbury street, literary one of the trendiest and therefore busiest street in the city (have I mentioned that there is not parking in the city, well there is, but finding an empty spot when you need it - it's highly unlikely). Even though the cleaners are within walking distance to our home, I don't have the arm muscles to carry everything by foot. Fortunately, over a month ago I learned of a new free service offered by dependable-cleaners, on Mondays and Thursdays they can come to my office and pick up/drop off my clothes, isn't that great? There are not limits to the amount of pieces they'll pick up or drop off;  the only issue is that if the clothes are picked up on Monday they are not delivered until Thursday and vice-versa (and they only drop off they items that they pick up). So, if I need an outfit or dress for the same day, I have to go and drop-it-off and then pick-it-up myself. Nonetheless, the service is great and I have been taking advantage of it for a month.

I also buy most of my books from Amazon and pay my credit cards online; when possible I make our restaurant reservations thru open table.

So, I can say that I'm officially a girl woman from the 21st century. But how did we operate without Internet and e-mail before? It wasn't that long ago, but for some reason - I can't  remember.


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Nice and Warm...

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 

The nice thing about having a new thermostat, one that was actually built on this century - as supposed to when our apartment was built, is that our place is nice and warm by the time we get home.

This is one more item removed from our "Mission Organization" list. Quoting Kate in a completely different topic "baby steps, baby steps, baby steps".

Is it Friday already?



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