A nice day of work...

Friday, April 23, 2004 

A few times a year our company has this community/volunteer day also known as the Global outreach program. On this day employees volunteer to work at different charities or work on projects/tasks that benefit the community. This morning a few people from my division went to Cradles to Crayons and we got to spent the day sorting children clothes and toys donated by churches, companies and individuals from all over the state. We also did a lot of office related work, basically putting together donation-letters  that needed to go out before Mother's Day. We also met some of the volunteers that come over every week to help out.

What a great time we had! We worked from 9 AM to 3 PM and got to help the people from Cradles to Crayons, we also got a free lunch and a nice t-shirt courtesy of our employer. At the end of the day they took a group photo and we got to sign a big blue mural where volunteers write their name and the date they came to help out.

What a nice way to start the weekend!

I got the rest of the day off and I walked to  my favorite nail salon - I finally got a well deserved French pedicure.

In another tone, spring is finally here.. want some proof? See below:

Yellow tulip. From my garden - 04.24.2004

Canon PowerShot G2


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Our website is still up...

Thursday, April 22, 2004 

We have discovered the reason why our website is still up and running - even after CalanHost vanished - we were not only lucky to get our domain names thru GoDaddy, but lucky enough to have been using the CalanHost web-hosting services while they operated as re-sellers of WebStrikeSolutions. So our website have been running of their servers all along.

On Tuesday, as we tried to review different web-hosting companies (thanks to Kathleen, Jill and Mabelle for their suggestions), we were contacted by WebStrikeSolutions regarding our website. They  informed us that CalanHost was one of their re-sellers and gave us the option of using their services going forward. Today, we started the process of registering with them and making them (officially) our web hosting company.

In another less-technical-tone: thank God Friday is just one day away. Since tomorrow is garbage day DB has ripped apart our old carpet (on the stairs area) and the whole area is now ready to be cleaned and prep for painting. This weekend we are planning on painting the stairs area, so we can have it ready for the new carpet that will be installed a weekend from now.

Tomorrow, we will be trying 4 different Benjamin Moore colors (the 2 colors we used on the living/dining room area, and 2 new ones), this particular space doesn't get any outdoor or natural light and it's narrow and very small, so finding the right tone & color is very important. I'll see if I can have before and after photos, too bad I did not think of that when DB was tearing the carpet apart; he finished in less than an hour and cleaned the whole area. Hew was great!


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Worrying... any Web-Hosting suggestions?

Monday, April 19, 2004 

I was catching up on my almost-daily online reading when I got to one of my recently-discovered blogs: blue plaid shirt; I was reading his April 13th entry and I was ready to reply when I realized that the domain for my web hosting company CalanHost was down. I did not think much of it, but then I try to access their online support site and this was also unavailable.

As I searched thru Google the results took me to a web forum with people asking about CalanHost; I was able to locate their 1-800 number, but guess what - the number is not working - that was when I started to worry. Basically, I just found out that over a month ago CalanHost went bankrupt and just vanished. They did not take the time to inform their customers of what happened and as a result many customers lost access to their domains and the CalanHost servers.

Our one year contract with CalanHost was going to end in 2 or 3 months, we were thinking on staying with them, because they provided good and fast support and their web-hosting plan really exceeded our needs: 400 MB of disk space, 4GB of monthly bandwidth, e-mail, 24/7 support, ASP & Front Page support - all for 5 dollars a month (60 dollars a year).

You are probably wondering, if they don't longer exits - how come our website is still up and running. As I read thru the web forum discussion I came to realized that most of the people that lost their website got their domain names (registrar service) thru CalanHost, we got ours thru GoDaddy (thank God). For what I read, it looks like Domain Price Right bought the registrar business of CalanHost, but they are not taking care of their web-hosting business.

If you were using the services of CalanHost and like myself were oblivious to this situation - I suggest you start contacting web hosting companies right now and switch to a new company before your site is not longer available

Although our site is up and running today, all this means that our website and my little corner might not be up tomorrow. So I'm in the market for a new web-hosting company.

  1. Which Web-hosting company are you using?

  2. For how long have they being hosting your website?

  3. Are you happy with their support ?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm hoping to find a nice, reliable and affordable company that hopefully will stay in business just a little longer; and if it doesn't - maybe they will inform their customers before pulling the plug.


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If you walk a mile (walking in the city)...

Thursday, April 15, 2004 

You will be able to see:

  Too many homeless people on the streets.

  Happy people walking and smiling back at you (in this case "me").

  A group of young guys singing rap.

  Too many familiar faces, but not really (they just look familiar).

  A little mouse on the rail tracks.

  A lot of pregnant women.

  Old ladies walking very slow.

  A few people talking to themselves (some... loud and disturbing).

  Impromptu flower shops on the street corners.

  Young women that look and dress just like models.

  New stores in downtown.

  A lot of coffee shops (I forgot how many).

  People finally enjoying spring and the first sunny day in a very long time.

These were a few of the things I observed today on my way to the doctor's office. My cold is definitely gone, but now my back is acting up.

Ohh! I wish I could work on the city again, it is just so exiting! The other day I spent a whole day in one of our Downtown offices and I loved taking the train in the morning, walking fast with the rest of the crowd; it definitely beats driving (at least during the spring, summer and fall - winter is another history).

I have taken a few photos of the pictures I've won on eBay - since I'm still trying to format the photos and resize them, I decided to go ahead and post the web sites of the artist (some of them are already listed on my corner): Julie Fillo, Al Lofsness, and Shelag Duffet.

I love their work and they are so nice. Every time Shelag sends me a painting she includes a nice personal note. Julie once sent me a few of her hand made cards and after she heard that I was really interested on that painting of her (the one I lost on eBay while I was away for the weekend) she offered to paint a similar one for me for a very, very, very reasonable price - the painting turned out beautiful. Since then, I have slow down my eBay activities, since my husband insists I found a place for the painting(s) before I even bid on them. We have great ideas for Shelag's tiny paintings their size and brilliant colors make them suitable for interesting framing.

Time to go to bed - I hope you all enjoyed the apprentice as much as I did.


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A long hiatus...

Thursday, April 8, 2004 

I've been so busy... DB and I have been working in the apartment doing little things here and there and our little projects are coming along well "slowly", but well.

Work is very exciting right now, I'm working on a very interesting project - dealing with people in a different way and level and I really like it. I feel I can learn a lot from this latest assignment, and best of all I believe I can contribute a lot. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it.

Going back to our home-little-projects, for the first time we have purchased a piece of furniture that is just right, we got a china cabinet and it looks perfect in our apartment. We've started to organize our new china and crystal; one more item off our Mission Organization list.

In another tone, I'm finally getting over this nasty cold; thanks for the nice messages.

Are you watching the apprentice? I could not believe the first half of today's show. I liked the fact that it finally came down to real qualifications. In the other hand, I can't believe Kwame did not fire or confronted Omarosa - this is the beginning of his downfall. I'm starting to think that she was hired to sabotage Kwame's task - just to test how he is going to react, otherwise - I just can't believe that someone as prepared as she is will just drop the ball the way she did - and then lie and make excuses about it.

How do I get so caught up in another reality show? Oh well, I should not be so hard on myself - after all this is the first reality show I religiously watch since the first Bachelor.

April is finally here and with it - a little bit of spring, can't wait for the rest.


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