Another great Weekend...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004 

What a great weekend we had, three days later and it's still on my mind.

Why? Read below:

My best friend Y. and her glamorous sister Linda came for a visit from the Dominican Republic. They came to see the Madonna concert.

They convinced us to go with them to the concert and we got tickets the very same day (on Sunday) - great tickets on the floor. What a show! We had a great time. Check one of the show's reviews here.

On Monday we had dinner at Caffé Umbra with our guests Y. and Linda and our friends T. & J. We laughed and laughed - and then laugh some more; it was great to catch up. The dinner was great, so good in fact that Darren and I went back tonight - what a treat!

Yesterday, our friends went back home and our house is now back to normal, with all the peace and quite around here we can't help but miss their laugh, and their continuous talk. Having them here brought me back to old times when life was good and simple, although - not as good as the life I now share with DB.

Work has been crazy, real busy - but luckily I'm on Holiday starting tomorrow. We are off to New Jersey to celebrate the Fourth of July with DB's family. We have loved ones coming from Florida and the West coast - it should be fun and I can't wait. I should have our camera ready to add more unpublished photos to our collection.

So, have a good weekend everyone. May you have a safe and joyous Holiday. Happy 4th of July!

Below is another one of our photos from Hawaii... Enjoy.


   Na Pali Coast. From our Helicopter view, Kauai Hawaii - Canon PowerShot S500


----------  ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------Back online...

Thursday, June 24, 2004 

Ohh my goodness, the month of June is almost gone and Hawaii feels like it happened a long, long time ago. We've downloaded all our photos; the process of resizing and classifying has barely started; I've keep staring at the 600 photos we took, ohh how I miss that lovely place. A one way trip to Kauai please!

I have been swamped with work and I haven't had time for anything at all, but despite our busy schedules we have been having fun and enjoying ourselves.

We did the South-End garden tour last weekend and visited many beautiful outdoors spaces in our neighborhood. It was so much fun - we added another 100 photos to our collection of un-published photos.

We also went to a couple of open houses the week before, we are still looking (dreaming) for of a bigger place (condo living is not for everyone), bottom line we are trying to be ready in case the right place (at the right price) becomes available.

I've been in a better mood since our computer/internet issues have been resolved, it was the router - the stupid router, let me say it one more time: it was the stupid router. We spent so much money on an external drive for backup, a DVD burner and of course a new router - because we thought we were going to have to rebuild the machine, but it ended up being the router, the stupid router. We still need to test the wireless card, but for the time being we are back online. Now, if only I have time to get online.

I've been enjoying my favorite blogs silently, but I haven't even had time to leave proper comments. For those of you that have asked for photos - here is one...not word in when the others will be ready...

Hope you are enjoying the good weather, I am. Aloha...


Polihale State Park. Barking Sands Beach, Kauai Hawaii - Canon PowerShot S500


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Saturday, June 12, 2004 

We are back... Hawaii was fantastic, we had a wonderful, wonderful time.

My favorite island was Kauai, I absolutely love this island and how the locals treated us, it was such wonderful experience. But I have to make it brief, we are still experiencing issues with our Internet connection and I'm still unable to publish updates from home.

So, the 2 posts below (last 2 post in the month of May) should have been posted before we went away to Hawaii, but no luck.

I'm able to publish today (hopefully) from another location (away from home) where we are trying to troubleshoot some of our connectivity issues.

Hopefully, you will be able to see this post, there will be more to come about
Hawaii and their wonderful people.

"Mahalo" (it means thanks in Hawaiian)...


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