See you in a few weeks...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004 

Finally, the floors in the new house have survived three weeks of f continuous refinishing nightmare. On a positive note, I haven't seen the hardwood-floors-refinishing-lady in more than a week, what a relief!.

We are packing away, we should be ready to move to the new home any time now. Did I mention that we are moving tomorrow?. I have never seen so many boxes, I had no idea we had so much stuff. I feel like giving most of our stuff away, or maybe we could have a big yard sale, but it will have to be in the new house. Wish us luck!

I'm always worrying about what will happen next, buying the house was easy, moving into it has proven a completely different deal. I can't help to think that our DSL company will do it again, so I'm preparing myself for a possible long period without internet access at home, just in case. Not to mention that unpacking (once in the new house) won't be easy. I have the feeling we should had switched to high speed internet access thru cable. It is too late for that, at least for the moment - it'll have to wait until we are settled in the new place.

The condo is looking really good! Tomorrow night (after we move), I am having a cleaning crew come over to go over the kitchen cabinets, fridge, bathrooms, windows and walls. So, the place will be ready for our new tenants. Yeah!! We got tenants! That was another big struggle. Since we had to postpone our move three times and we ended up not having the condo available for October 1st, the possibility of finding good/quality tenants without loosing too much money was slim, but God was definitely with us - we were able to find a great couple that was flexible enough to move in on October 15. We met and chat with them and we got the feeling they will take great care of our little place. I am so exited about this, one of them is a designer and they are just so nice. We like them a lot and we hope to be right about them!

It will be hard to leave this place; here we got engaged and here we planned our wedding, not to mention all the work we have done. Ahh!!! but that is how life goes. I'll miss this place and the nice quiet streets hidden in the middle of the city. Our little walks after work, the nice shops and restaurants, the scary dog-heaven park - this is a great neighborhood for people with dogs, they all gather just 2 blocks from our place on the South-West Corridor park (did I mention I am afraid of dogs? that is why the park is scary - at least to me). I'll also miss our little garden, our fireplace and everything else that makes this place wonderful and so special to us.

Time to sign off, time to go... see you all in a few weeks (hopefully)...


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Monday, October 11, 2004 

Dealing with interrupted Internet service: we haven't had Internet service for almost 2 weeks now. For the last week, I have been on the phone with our  DSL provider on a daily basis, expending as much as 45 minutes to an hour on each call. By now I know the trick: just say "agent" at loud a few times and you'll be able to avoid the whole useless/patronizing automatic answering system all together and you will be connected to an agent that won't be able to help you either, but in my case these useless agents are the only ones that can transfer me to the CAT team (customer advocacy team) - CAT is my only hope, I just have to make sure I speak with the same person each time, otherwise we'll be back to square one; there seems to be only one efficient person on the DSL company - she is a supervisor and she belongs to the CAT team, she is my only hope {e-mail me and I'll tell you which DSL service provider you should avoid at all costs}.

Dealing with 2 weeks of a hardwood floors refinishing nightmare: believe me when I say that the word nightmare is an understatement. A job that was suppose to last 4 days lasted more than 2 weeks. The floors in the entire house had to be sanded twice after the hardwood floors refinishing company completely ruined two weeks of work, just 3 days before our moving date {e-mail me and I'll tell you which hardwood-floors- refinishing company you should avoid at all costs}.

Dealing with the most accommodating moving company: they have changed our moving day 3 times, because the hardwood-floors-refinishing company messed up the floors way too many times: 1st moving day - Friday September 24; 2nd moving day - Monday September 27th; 3rd moving day (tentatively) Saturday October 2nd and 4th & last moving day - Thursday October 14th.

Dealing with: the never-ending task of painting closet doors.

So much to do... so little time.


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