For us, it wont be Christmas until we land...

Saturday, December 25th, 2004 

We are off to the Dominican Republic to spend Christmas Day with my family. Happy Holidays everyone...see you in 2 weeks.


Change {Part II}...

Tuesday, December 14th, 2004 

And now with Red (kind of/semi Red) highlights...

The After Photo - Semi Red-Highlights

Photo by DB - December 12, 2004

Canon PowerShot S500


Another After photo - Semi-Red Highlights

Self portrait - December 12, 2004

Canon PowerShot S500


My hair was getting too light after having so many highlights done, so I figured it would be fun to go for something a little darker and completely different. The next time I can go for something a little lighter.


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Change {Part I}...

Monday, December 13th, 2004 

The Before...

The Before Photo - Golden Highlights

{Background: our old little place}

Photo by DB - May 2004.

Canon PowerShot S500


I know, the golden highlights look more like light brown highlights, but that is what you get when you have very dark hair and don't want to damage your hair {more than what it's necessary}.


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If you are wondering - yes, I'm feeling guilty...

Sunday, December 12th, 2004 

If after the last post you are wondering, why do I keep self-promoting my wedding photos almost 11 months after the fact? You guess right, it's because I'm feeling guilty for not having the time to properly post the photos on the photo album page of our main site.

Yes, it's also because we still haven't ordered the photo album itself (even though it was 100% paid 11 months ago).

We have, however, selected every single photo that we are giving to our families and friends (all 76 of them - or maybe all 90 of them) from which we have received the first group of 39 - and let me tell you something, they are great.  


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Missing then...

Friday, December 10th, 2004 

My family is on their way to the DR. I miss them already... the house feels so empty (not even the boxes can fill the void).

Now back to reality and the rest of the boxes.


My sister Daya, My step-dad, Me, DB and My Mom

January 17, 2004, Our wedding Day

Photo by David Nin



My Mom {one of the most beautiful people I know) - and Me

January 17, 2004, Our wedding Day

Photo by David Nin



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