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Sunday, July 24th, 2005

I haven't been around for the last 2 months, so in case you were wondering where was I - two words can sum it up "bed rest".

I am 36 and a half weeks pregnant as of today, but fort the last 9 weeks I have been confined to my bed (mostly my couch) and my home. I called it house arrest.

At 27 and a half weeks I was diagnosed with high risk of pre-term labor, basically the doctors thought that 9 weeks ago I could have had the baby within the next week or two.

At the end of May, after expending the first week in bed-rest working from my couch (mostly doing team management, prioritization, analysis, many conference calls and many long work related phone calls) we ended up canceling my trip to New Jersey and another trip to Maine. I ended up spending Memorial Day in the hospital (at 28 and a half weeks) with even higher risk of pre-term labor. It was my first overnight stay in the hospital  since I was a child.

But all that was 2 months ago and thanks to a lot of rest, God's mercy and blessings, and without a doubt all  my mom's prayers I made it to the big 32 weeks milestone. Each week the doctor will say "you made it one more week, that is great if you can only make it to 34 weeks the baby will be in good shape". Then, I finally made it to 34 weeks and last week I hit the high mark of 36 weeks - which is fantastic.

My personal goal has always been 37 weeks which is consider full term and will allow us to take the baby home with us without going to the NICU, granting everything goes well during delivery (which we really hope and are praying for).

My bed rest was fully modified at 32 weeks allowing me to sit for longer periods of time and allowing me to work 100% full time but still from home and finally using my work-computer and not just the phone, but there is a catch, since I am not allow to do house chores I end up working from 8 to 9 hours a day (or even more) as I try to catch up with 4 weeks of very little work from my couch and more than 600 e-mails.

This experience has made me appreciate even more the people I work with, they made it so much easier and bearable for me, we even had meetings in my house since I could not drive or got to the office at the beginning of my bed-rest.

I feel that all these years of work have paid off, and even though no place is ever perfect I could not have picked better people to work with or to work for. They even put together a shower for me last week, it was my first time in the office in 2 months and it was great to see everyone. They were all so nice and generous, I feel very lucky and fortunate to work with such nice people.

The bed rest experience was very, very hard during the first 3 days, I felt physically fine and I really did not fully understand the risk and severity of my condition; I could not bare the thought of not going to work (can you believe it?), I have worked straight up for several companies since 1992 (a year before I finished college) - and I had so much pending stuff and so much to do at the office that I kept thinking "if only I could just go to the office for one day I should be able to leave everything in order", blissful thinking that never happened. The following week I had to stay in the hospital overnight and finally my urge of going back to work took second place, I understood I needed to take care of myself and the baby and just let got and rest. I think it was a sign from above, for many months before this experience I kept trying to break the vicious cycle of working 10 to 12 hours a day and getting home really, really late, trying to balance my work and personal life. Finally I had not other choice - I had to let go, and 9 weeks later I am still trying and learning and doing much better. I'm trying to learn to be fine by just doing what I can each day, and not trying to do absolutely everything each day. At 32 weeks my work computer was setup at home and the rest is history - every now and then I work 10 hours days, but at least it is not every day and I am home when Darren comes in.

I am back, but not sure for how long - the baby is now due any day and after six sonograms we still don't know the sex (which made it very hard for us pick up a theme for the baby's room). The nursery is not setup yet, but  it is finally in the process of being painted this weekend, the crib has finally being refinished (after 2 long months, 3 coats of polyurethane and being sanded 4 times) - today we picked up mattress for the crib and the nursery bedding.

A few weeks ago we were able to take the child birth and infant care classes at the hospital, so now we have an idea of what to expect at delivery and when the baby gets home. We took a few seminars about car-seats and house safety in general and we even picked up our car-seat and had our car cleaned and vacuumed. Two weeks from now we'll take an infant CPR and safety class at the hospital and hopefully we'll have all the basic things we need. I ordered a few outfits online while I was confined to the house and within the last 2 weeks we have picked up a few essential things that the baby will need during the first month.

I don't know when I'll have some photos of my humongous belly, the house/nursery progress and the baby's room, but hopefully it will be some day soon.

Thanks for stopping by...I'll see you online.


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